The Madoc Agricultural Society a not for profit organization aimed at bridging the gap between rural and urban lifestyles and is dedicated to preserving and maintaining the rural legacy of the society. Volunteers from the community make up the board and membership. The Agricultural Society is always grateful for volunteers.


President: Matt Tebworth       Treasurer: Elaina Pauls       Secretary: Jennifer Reid


                               Grounds:  Ron Devolin           Motorsport:  Dustin Miller       Media: Caitlyn Downey                                                             Entertainment: Colby Love    Vendor: Ken Wannamaker        Gates:  Carol Tebo                                                                       Livestock: Matt Tebworth      Ambassador: Darla Downey     Horse:  Clare Downey                                                               Advertising: Amy Dennis       Homecraft:    Carol Paranuik     Financial Director: Cathy Lees                                                 Food Booth: Brooke Berry        

               Maguire’s Motocross Racing Series (M.M.R.S.) has been a welcome asset to our fairgrounds since 2010.                 Officially opening the 5 km track in 2013.